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formula: an gong niu huang wan
formula: ba zhen tang
formula: ba zheng san
formula: bai he gu jin tang
formula: bai hu tang
formula: bai tou weng tang
formula: bai ye tang
formula: ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang
formula: ban xia hou po tang
formula: ban xia xie xin tang
formula: bao he wan
formula: bei mu gua lou san
formula: bei xie fen qing yin
formula: bu dai wan
formula: bu fei e jiao tang
formula: bu fei tang
formula: bu yang huan wu tang
formula: bu zhong yi qi tang
formula: cang er zi san
formula: chai ge jie ji tang
formula: chai hu jia long gu mu li tang
formula: chuan xiong cha tiao san
formula: ci zhu wan
formula: cong bai qi wei yin
formula: cong chi tang
formula: da bu yin wan
formula: da chai hu tang
formula: da cheng qi tang
formula: da ding feng zhu
formula: da huang fu zi tang
formula: da huang mu dan tang
formula: da huang zhe chong wan
formula: da jian zhong tang
formula: da xian xiong tang
formula: da yuan yin
formula: da zao wan
formula: dan shen yin
formula: dang gui bu xue tang
formula: dang gui liu huang tang
formula: dang gui shao yao san
formula: dang gui sheng jiang yang rou tang
formula: dang gui si ni tang
formula: dao chi san
formula: di huang yin zi
formula: di tan tang
formula: die da wan
formula: ding chuan tang
formula: ding xian wan
formula: ding xiang shi di tang
formula: ding zhi wan
formula: du huo ji sheng tang
formula: e jiao ji zi huang tang
formula: er chen tang
formula: er miao san
formula: er xian tang
formula: er zhi wan
formula: fang feng tong sheng san
formula: fang ji huang qi tang
formula: fei er wan
formula: fu yuan huo xue tang
formula: gan cao gan jiang tang
formula: gan lu xiao du dan
formula: gan mai da zao tang
formula: ge gen huang lian huang qin tang
formula: ge gen tang
formula: gu chong tang
formula: gu jing wan
formula: gua di san
formula: gui ling gan lu yin
formula: gui pi tang
formula: gui zhi fu ling wan
formula: gui zhi jia long gu mu li tang
formula: gui zhi shao yao zhi mu tang
formula: gui zhi tang
formula: gun tan wan
formula: hai zao yu hu tang
formula: hao qin qing dan tang
formula: he ren yin
formula: hei xi dan
formula: hu qian wan
formula: hua chong wan
formula: huai hua san
formula: huang lian e jiao tang
formula: huang lian jie du tang
formula: huang long tang
formula: huang tu tang
formula: huo luo xiao ling dan
formula: Huo Xiang Zhen Qi San
formula: huo xiang zheng qi san
formula: ji chuan jian
formula: ji ming san
formula: jia jian wei rui tang
formula: jian pi wan
formula: jiao ai tang
formula: jin gui shen qi wan
formula: jin ling zi san
formula: jin suo gu jing wan
formula: jiu wei qiang huo tang
formula: jiu xian san
formula: ju he wan
formula: ju pi zhu ru tang
formula: juan bi tang
formula: ke xue fang
formula: li zhong wan
formula: lian po yin
formula: liang fu wan
formula: liang ge san
formula: ling gan wu wei jiang xin tang
formula: ling gui zhu gan tang
formula: ling jiao gou teng tang
formula: liu shen wan
formula: liu wei di huang wan
formula: liu yi san
formula: long dan xie gan tang
formula: ma huang tang
formula: ma huang xi xin fu zi tang
formula: ma xing shi gan tang
formula: ma zi ren wan
formula: mai men dong tang
formula: mu li san
formula: mu xiang bing lang wan
formula: nuan gan jian
formula: ping wei san
formula: pu ji xiao du yin
formula: qi bao mei ran dan
formula: qi li san
formula: qian zheng san
formula: qiang huo sheng shi tang
formula: qiang lan tang
formula: qing gu san
formula: qing hao bie jia tang
formula: qing luo yin
formula: qing qi hua tan wan
formula: qing re zhi beng tang
formula: qing shu yi qi tang
formula: qing wei san
formula: qing wen bai du yin
formula: qing ying tang
formula: qing zao jiu fei tang
formula: ren shen bai du san
formula: ren shen ge jie san
formula: run chang wan
formula: san jia fu mai tang
formula: san ren tang
formula: san wu bei ji wan
formula: san zi yang qin tang
formula: sang ju yin
formula: sang piao xiao san
formula: sang xing tang
formula: shao yao gan cao tang
formula: shao yao tang
formula: shen fu tang
formula: shen ling bai zhu san
formula: sheng hua tang
formula: sheng ma ge gen tang
formula: sheng mai san
formula: sheng tie luo yin
formula: shi gao tang
formula: shi hui san
formula: shi pi yin
formula: shi xiao san
formula: shi zao tang
formula: shou tai wan
formula: si jun zi tang
formula: si miao yong an tang
formula: si mo tang
formula: si ni san
formula: si ni tang
formula: si sheng wan
formula: si wu tang
formula: su he xiang wan
formula: su zi jiang qi tang
formula: suan zao ren tang
formula: suo quan wan
formula: tao he cheng qi tang
formula: tao hua tang
formula: test1
formula: tian ma gou teng yin
formula: tian tai wu yao san
formula: tian wang bu xin dan
formula: tong guan san
formula: tong xie yao fang
formula: tu si zi wan
formula: wan dai tang
formula: wei jing tang
formula: wen dan tang
formula: wen jing tang
formula: wu ji san
formula: wu ling san
formula: wu mei wan
formula: wu pi san
formula: wu wei xiao du yin
formula: wu zhu yu tang
formula: xi jiao di huang tang
formula: Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin
formula: xiang fu xuan fu hua tang
formula: xiang ru san
formula: xiang su san
formula: xiao chai hu tang
formula: xiao feng san
formula: xiao huo luo dan
formula: xiao ji yin zi,
formula: xiao jian zhong tang
formula: xiao luo wan
formula: xiao qing long tang
formula: xiao xian xiong tang
formula: xiao xu ming tang
formula: xiao yao san
formula: xie bai san
formula: xie huang san
formula: xie xin tang
formula: xing su san
formula: xuan bi tang
formula: xuan fu dai zhe tang
formula: xue fu zhu yu tang
formula: yang he tang
formula: yang yin qing fei tang
formula: yi guan jian
formula: yi huang tang
formula: yin chen hao tang
formula: yin qiao ma bo san
formula: yin qiao san
formula: you gui wan
formula: yu nu jian
formula: yu ping feng san
formula: yu ye tang
formula: yu zhen san
formula: yue ju wan
formula: zai zao san
formula: zeng ye tang
formula: zhen gan xi feng tang
formula: zhen ling dan
formula: zhen ren yang zang tang
formula: zhen wu tang
formula: zhi bao dan
formula: zhi gan cao tang
formula: zhi jing san
formula: zhi shi xiao pi wan
formula: zhi sou san
formula: zhi zhu wan
formula: zhi zi dou chi tang
formula: zhong man fen xiao wan
formula: zhou che wan
formula: zhu jing wan
formula: zhu ling tang
formula: zhu sha an shen wan
formula: zhu ye shi gao tang
formula: zi xue dan
formula: zuo jin wan
formula: zuo gui yin
formula: su zi jiang qi tang
formula: jiao ai tang
formula: zhi bao dan
formula: su he xiang wan
formula: san wu bei ji wan
formula: tian tai wu yao san
formula: xiang ru san
formula: shen ling bai zhu san
formula: zhi sou san
formula: gan lu xiao du dan
formula: hui chun dan
formula: san ren tang
formula: san zi yang qin tang
formula: yang he tang
formula: shi hui san
formula: zhi sou san
formula: si ni san
formula: gu chong tang
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