xue fu zhu yu tang
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xuè fú zhú yū tāng
Drive Out Stasis in the Mansion of Blood Decoction
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Move the Blood

Release exterior and induce diaphoresis
Sx: pain in the chest and hypochondria, chronic, stubborn headache with a fixed, piercing quality, chronic, incessant hiccough, a choking sensation when drinking, dry heaves, depression or low spirits accompanied by a sensation of warmth in the chest, palipitations, insomnia, restless sleep, irritability, extreme mood swings, evening tidal fever. T: dark red, dark spots on the sides, dark or purplish lips, complexion, or sclera. P: choppy or wiry and tight.


tao ren 12g

hong hua 9g

dang gui 9g

chuan xiong 4.5g

chi shao 6g

niu xi 9g

chai hu 3g

jie geng 4.5g

zhi ke 6g

sheng di huang 9g

gan cao 3g


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