tian wang bu xin dan
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tiān wáng bǔ xīn dān
Emperor of Heaven's Special Pill to Tonify the Heart.
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Calm the Shen & Nourish Heart

Release exterior and induce diaphoresis
Sx: irritability, palpitations with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia with very restless sleep, inability to think or concentrate for even short periods of time, nocturnal emissions, forgetfulness, dry stools. there may also be sores of the mouth and tongue, low-grade fever, and night sweats. T: red with little coat. P: thin and rapid.


sheng di huang 120g

ren shen 15g

tian men dong 30g

mai men dong 30g

xuan shen 15g

dan shen 15g

fu ling 15g

yuan zhi 15g

dang gui 30g

we wei zi 30g

bai zi ren 30g

suan zao ren 30g

jie geng 15g

zhu sha 15g


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