su he xiang wan
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sū hé xiāng wán
Liquid Styrax Pill
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Open the Orifices

Release exterior and induce diaphoresis
Sx: 1) sudden collapse, loss of consciousness, and clenched jaw; 2) fullness, pain, and a sensation of cold in the chest and abdomen which may signal the impending sudden loss of consciousness or coma; 3) abdominal pain and focal distention in the chest, an urge to vomit and defecate w/o doing either, which in severe cases can lead to sudden loss of consciousness or coma. all of the above are accompanied by a pale complexion, purple lips, excessive mucus and saliva, cold extremities. T: pale with a slippery, greasy coat. P: submerged and slippery.


su he xiang 30g

she xiang 60g

bing pian 30g

an xi xiang 60g

mu xiang 60g

tan xiang 60g

chen xiang 60g

ru xiang 30g

ding xiang 60g

xiang fu 60g

bi ba 60g

xi jiao 60g

xi jiao 60g

[[[herb:zhu sha [mercury] 60g]]]

bai zhu 60g

he zi 60g


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