DU 20
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DU 20 Bai Hui 百會

“100 Meetings”

BAI one hundred

HUI meeting, convergence

Other Names

Location and Needling:

On the mid-saggital line, 5 cun behind the anterior hairline, 7 cun above the posterior hairline, on the midpoint of a line connecting the earlobe and the ear apex.
Transverse Insertion 0.5 – 1 cun

Contraindications and Cautions


Du Mai,
Sea of Marrow point (DU-15, DU-16, DU-19, DU-20).
One of the 7 External Dragon points (DU-20, BL-11, BL-23, BL-61).

Regulates the Up and down movement of yang qi

Meeting with DU, GB, UB, SJ, and LV meridian.

Extinguishes LV wind and Fire and subdues LV Yang.
Raises Yang and counters prolapse, strengthens Qi of the middle burner.
Discharges blazing heat in the Yang channels, restores consciousness, benefits the sense organs
Nourishes the sea of marrow, calms the Shen,
Calls in ancestors for review of life preceding death.
Spirit of Point: Opens to the higher realms. Person is confused, agitated, and unable to rest or stop thinking. Eases the mind and lifts spirits in depression.

Signs and Symptoms

Clinical Research


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