Welcome to chinesemedicinewiki.org, a community project to grow, enhance and refine Traditional Chinese Medical knowledge and community.


Project start
Build site structure
Currently editing forms to make adding content easier. The categories planned so far are:
Categories are

  • Herbs see: _templateherbs:_template, mainherbs:main Done
    • Single Herbs: see _templateherb:_template Done
    • Herbal Formulas: see _templateformula:_template Done
    • Patent-Medicines: see _templatepatent:_template
    • Herb Forum see: start
  • Acupuncture see: _templateacupuncture:_template, mainacupuncture:main
    • Acupuncture-Point see: _templateacupuncture-point:_template Done
    • Acupuncture-Point-Prescription see: _templatepoint-prescription:_template Done
    • Acupuncture-Technique see: _templateacupuncture-technique:_template Done
    • Tuina see: _templatetuina:_template Done
    • Moxibustion see: _templatemoxibustion:_template Done
    • Cupping see: _templatecupping:_template Done
    • Guasha see _templateguasha:_template Done
    • Acupuncture Forum see: start
  • Diagnosis see: _templatediagnosis:_template, maindiagnosis:main
    • Signs and Symptoms see: _templatesigns-and-symptoms:_template Done
    • TCM Patterns see: _templatepatterns:_template Done
    • Diagnosis and Patterns Forum see: start
  • Qigong see: _templateqigong:_template, mainqigong:main
    • Qigong Forms see: _templateqigong-forms:_template Done
    • Qigong Therapy see: _templateqigong-therapy:_template
    • Qigong Forum see: start
  • Quiz Section see: _templateqigong:_template, mainquiz:main
    • Foundations and Diagnosis Quiz see: _templatefoundation-quiz:_template
    • Acupuncture Quiz see: _templateacupuncture-quiz:_template
    • Herb Quiz see: _templateherbs-quiz:_template
  • Member Articles
  • Resources see: _templateresources:_template, mainresources:main (adds will be added to these pages)
    • TCM Schools see: _templateschools:_template
    • TCM Practitioners listing see: _templatepractitioners:_template
    • TCM Supplies see: _templatesupplies:_template
      • Herbs see: _templatesupplies-herbs:_template
      • Acupuncture see: _templatesuplies-acupuncture:_template
      • other see: _templatesupplies-other:_template
    • Books see: _templatebooks:_template
    • Legislation: see: _templatelegislation:_template
  • Patient Central
    • Find a practitioner
    • Ask a question
    • Links to resources
  • Practitioner Central
    • resources
  • Student Central
  • Case study database

Many of the above pages are not yet created, most of the core site structure should be completed before making the site public.

Upload Content; formulas, herbs, and points are first, this will give the site some core content to start.

We need to add the primary reference texts into the bibliographies of the form to make citing easier.

I do quite like this theme but we need to edit some colors and schemes to make it at least a little original.

We need a logo

Invite practitioners of TCM; the initial invite will be to evaluate the site to see if it is sufficient and will meet peoples needs. Also take feedback and make adjustments based on that feedback before going public.

After the trial stage, we will invite, schools and companies to join as well as push the site to as many tcm practitioners and students as possible. The focus on the patents should come after that…

Develop Mobile App: this should get done sooner, but it will take time or money and can not get done until the site structure is complete. If you know anyone who would donate time, or do it for very cheap, please email me! dylan.spiritwind(at)gmail.com

Invite Patients of TCM

Grow, enhance, and refine TCM knowledge base and Community

We Need

  • A mobile app developer familiar with the wikidot API
  • Tcm practitioners with some computer know how to help maintain and improve the site.
  • Researchers interested in helping with the content
  • Tcm practitioners willing to be moderators
  • Artist interested in helping with drawing points locations
  • Original pictures, preferably both fresh or growing and processed of the single herbs.
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